Top Cloud Storage for Storing Info/File online.

Top Cloud Storage for storing information online.

All of us know about many cloud storage. Nowadays cloud storage is a common service for all internet users. We use cloud storage to keep our data on the internet. Many reasons for using cloud storage. The main reason it does not have afraid of losing the data.

In this article, we will try to describe the best cloud storage. So let's get started.

The internet has many cloud storage services, providers. Some of them are known and some of them are not known. There are some most popular and some of them are relatively less popular. Also, have some that we don't know about them. Most of the users select cloud storage by seeing their features and security. Some storage privacy is more secure and some are not secure. We should also know the security system of cloud storage before starting using it.

Some most popular and top cloud storage are google drive, iCloud storage, pcloud, and my cloud. These are the most known cloud storage.

Google Drive:
The most popular and top cloud storage is Google Drive. This is the Google service. Google launched its cloud storage service on 24 April 2012 named Google Drive. The user of Google Drive is 1 billion. Day by day the number of users is increasing. Google Drive offers every user 15 GB of free cloud storage. Also, Google Drive offers premium service. If You want to increase your Google Drive cloud storage space then you need to buy more space. You can see the price and plan of Google Drive.

Google drive security is very strong. If google drive detects any phishing share from google drive google will block it immediately. Also, if the user violates Google drive user policy, google keeps the right to suspend the user account.

When some files will be uploaded they will be stored securely in the Google Datacenter. Also, The google drive data is encrypted in transit and at rest. So don't have any afraid.

Top Cloud Storage for storing information online.

The second most popular cloud storage is iCloud Storage. It is an Apple service. Apple launched its cloud storage on 21 October 2011. 880 million active users use iCloud Storage. iCloud offers 5GB cloud storage for backup photos and videos. Apple also provides a premium cloud storage service. You can see their pricing.

iCloud also has an encrypting system. It secures users' information by encrypting it. Apple users use end-to-end encryption. As a result, no one but you will have access to your information.

Top Cloud Storage for storing information online.

The third popular cloud storage is Dropbox. Dropbox started its work on 11 September 2008. Now the number of users of dropbox is 700 million. Every annual year Dropbox earns 1.5 billion. 

Dropbox offers 2 GB of free cloud storage. It has also a premium service. If you want you can buy more space.

Dropbox protects data in transit via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS). SSL/TSL establishes a secure tunnel with AES encryption of 128 bits or higher.

Top Cloud Storage for storing information online.

The fourth most popular cloud storage is IDrive. IDrive also provides 5GB of free space. It has also premium offers. You can also see their price plan from or their official website.

For security, it has also end to end encrypted system. No one can access the information without the user.

Top Cloud Storage for storing information online.

This is the fifth most popular cloud storage. Mega started its cloud storage program on 19 January 2013. From now, it has 230 million registered and active users.

Mega provides 50GB of free storage. This the huge storage for free users. You can also purchase more space from its website. See their pricing from here.

Mega has encrypted end-to-end security systems from secure user information.

Top Cloud Storage for storing information online.

These are the top cloud storage for storing information online. All these are more secure than others.

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